GIANT SWING 7th Anniversary Party with Masa Niwayama

ven. 01/09/2017 de 21h00 à 2h00

Fuseau horaire : Bangkok (GMT+07:00)

12x12 - twelvextwelve
810/22 Tararom2 Tonglor55 wattana
10110 Bangkok
Friday, 1st September 2017
GIANT SWING 7th Anniversay Party with Masa Niwayama
▶ Line Up ◀
mAsa niwayama
Hidemasa Mitsui
Jim Man
▶ Venue ◀
12x12 - twelvextwelve
400B Entry
include Giant Swing 7th Anniversary Special T-shirts (70 pieces limit)
21:00 - 2:00
▶ Bio ◀
- mAsa niwayama [GIANT SWING] from Japan -
Originally from Hokkaido, he’s a promising Japanese DJ in Thailand, active in the forefront of music scene. In 2010, he started the party called “GIANT SWING”. It became a movement throughout Asia and won the highest praise by the party people from all over the world as well as the people from the local music industry. He’s been spending more time on the dancefloor in Thailand than anywhere else, his style seems to be free from any kind of ordinary restraints: his positive vibes and his unique relaxed personality attract everyone in the true sense. He also works for Zudrangma HQ Records Store in Maft Sai and plays brilliantly various world music such as Thai, African and Jamaican. He tours around Japan every year and making the groove wherever he goes with his perfect play.
2010年にパーティー”GIANT SWING”を開始。
Maft SaiのZudrangma HQ Records Storeの店員もつとめ、タイ/アフリカ/ジャマイカなどワールドミュージック寄りのセットも素晴らしい。
Supported by TRAPS
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■Singapore Branch near Haji lane