Mekitfree Afternoon
Mekitburn Festival

sam. 16/09/2017 de 13h00 à 19h30

Mekitburn Festival
Ruiterijcomplex, Domein 3 Fonteinen, Beneluxlaan 31
1800 Vilvoorde
Mekitburn Festival presents:
- Mekitfree Afternoon -
As always, Mekitburn festival opens up its doors for free on saturday afternoon! Our activities are for all ages and vary from a Bouncy Castle to all kinds of workshops and more, much more…
WHEN = 16/09, 13.00 - 19.30
WHO = ages 0 to ∞
WHAT = tons of free activities!
➸ The One Man Band of Jozy
One man, one band, Jozy does it all. Drums, guitar, vocals,... you name it, he plays it! Inspired by Led Zeppelin, Ten Years After, Pearl Jam… Jozy brings us refreshing rock, since the summer of ’69.
➸ Abattoir Noir
This tatooartist from Vilvoorde conquered our hearts with his wonderful designs and artwork. No prior appointement needed, some liquid courage will suffice to get your own personal artwork.
➸ Friscobar
No not the ice-cream. The Frisco bar is a place to unleash the drawing skills and go wild with the cray!
➸ Grime stall
For all you princesses out there, witches or (not so tame) panthers, get your transformation done at the grime stall and you’ll be whatever or whoever you want to be for a day.
➸ Grafitti workshop
Joris Silverans is ready to share his grafitti skills and teach us all how it’s really done. Even for the goodies out there, grafitti is just an alternative for paint, but cooler, way cooler.
➸Ceramics workshop
Roll up those sleeves! It’s time for ceramics. Finally you’ve got an excuse to roll around in clay and make your own beautiful mugs, pots.. you name it!
➸ Screen print workshop
Always wanted to make your own tote bag? Or want to stand out with your own personalised T-shirt with awesome drawing? All you have to do is bring an old T-shirt or bag, and we’ll pimp it for you.
➸Woodwork workshop
For all you talented or, undiscovered talents of carpentry, this workshop will teach you the basics, or refine your existing talents.
➸Repair Café
Repair café brings the solution to all your sadly, broken household goods. So if your creative solution doesn’t seem to fix the problem, bring it to the repair café and we’ll see what we can do.
Tired off all these new skills? Come and relax on the Bouncy Castle and jump those worries away!