Live: Aspec(t) & Załęski + 70fps

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mar. 15/08/2017 de 21h00 à 1h30/strike>

Brunnengasse 76
1160 Vienna
21 Uhr - Live: Aspec(t) & Załęski + 70fps
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SEC_: reel-to-reel tape recorder and no-input board, samples
Mario Gabola: self-built photosensitive system, no-input mixing board
Andrzej Załęski: drums and voice
70fps: live video-feedback
The meeting between the Neapolitan “electro-acoustic noise” duo Aspec(t) and the polish drummer Andrzej Zaleski aka Zalaski happened in Warsaw in April 2012, during Aspec(t)’s tour featuring the expanded cinema of 70fps, and continued in Naples one year after, where they recorded “Droga”.
Reel-to-reel tape recorder, self-built electronics instruments, feedback systems join here Zalaski’s unpredictable rhythms, to create textures and interactions full of energy and dynamics. If on one side they look at the more serious electro-acoustic, on the other they don’t forget the playful side of improvisation, leaving room for unexpected mashups of songs, quotations, parodies. Together with the trio, the videoartist Andrea Saggiomo aka 70fps will manipulate light through video-mixer and feedback devices to complete a very intense sinesthetic show.
"the best of noise, improvisation and punk, combined into one blast".
Frans De Waard - Vital Weekly
Sound samples:
- Aspec(t) Zalaski - Quel ramo dell'ago di narco (Droga, CD Monotype 2015)
- Aspec(t) Zalaski - Seafood addiction (excerpt from Droga, CD Monotype 2015)
- Aspec(t) Zalaski ft 70fps live @ Altera! festival, Napoli 20.04.2013:
- Aspec(t) ft 70fps live @ Brigadisco's cave, Itri 10.05.2015: