JAZZ Sessie StudentProof at Stage Music Cafe
Stage Music Cafe

mer. 06/09/2017 de 20h00 à 0h00

Fuseau horaire : Amsterdam (GMT+02:00)

Stage Music Cafe
Stratumseind 25
5611 EN Eindhoven
It's the furst Studentproof Jazz Session of the year! Stop by and start the fresh year!!
So, if you want to have a relaxed evening enjoying some jazz music with a beer, then come to Stage Music Cafe!
Do you play an instrument? Bring it along and join in! There is a backline present, so it's simply plug & play.
Do you sing? Cool! Then join in, too. We have plenty of songs for you too.
Time table will follow
For more information, see http://www.studentproof.nl/?page_id=379
Source: www.facebook.com