20 Bæst 21 Søvnterapeuterne 22 Zeuthen/Granberg/Heebøl 23 Hästi

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lun. 14/08/2017 de 20h00 à 0h00/strike>

Slagtehusgade 5e
1715 Copenhagen
finally the long wait is over! august 14th we open the doors to the monday club again and will present music music music every monday night from now till christmas!
our artists in residence in august are the wonderfull duo søvnterapeuterne - the sleep therapists
With the unique constellation of guitar, violin and slow beating hearts the Sleeptherapists will take you on semiaccustic tour in the tragicomic void between dream and reality. With their stage accustomed talent for selfdestruction they will reveal the results of countless sleepless nights as they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Its musictherapy for those who cannot sleep and for those who need to wake up. Its Mikkel Bajer and Charlie Andersen from Christiania. Its original acidfolk songs in danish and english and a handfull instrumental soundscapes!
this is deep christiania cult. highly original sounds
kl 20: Bæst
Lasse Funch - drums
Christian Vråby - guitar
Søren Uttenthal - bas
Sebastian Zieler - keys
Jacob Koefoed - guitar and vokal
Vast drums and atmospheric vocals are flanked by a wall of slow and heavy baritone guitars - everything sounds deep and alive. Bæst sounds like True Widow and Amen Dunes jamming new music into existence with the vampires from Only Lovers Left Alive - in Danish.
kl 21 Søvnterapeuterne
Mikkel Bayer - violin, mouthorgan
Charlie Andersen - guitar and vox
the first residency concert of Søvnterapeuterne. be there as this one of a kind band takes you to their special place...
kl 22 Zeuthen/Granberg/Heebøll
Jesper Zeuthen - sax
Johan Granberg - guitar
Bjørn Heebøll - drums
There is only one Jesper Zeuthen! he has performed at the club countless times and it is always a delight to hear him. a fiercely original voice in european improvised music. here he presents a new exiting trio with the amazing Bjørn Heebøll on drums and frequent collaborator Johan Granberg. be there!!
kl 23 Hästi
Erik Kimestad - trumpet
Ole Mofjell drums
Johannes Haht - bass
This allstar trio has been together for some years, all members are powerful improvisors and mandagsklubben regulars. here is a chance to listen to a collective trio of three of the most wanted collaborators on the scene:
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