Night Ops At The Wasteland
Wasteland Airsoft

Évènement indisponible.

Selon le cas, de nouvelles dates appraîtront bientôt ou l'activité proposée sera définitivement supprimée.

ven. 18/08/2017 de 18h00 à 21h00/strike>

Wasteland Airsoft
Embraer Ave, Airport Business Park
0000 Waterford
18:30 till 23:00.
Site Fee - €15 for the evening ( with own gear)
Site Phone - 089 4554466 - Ring if the Business park gate is closed.
No Gear No Problem
Rental Pack €15pp
Make sure you book in advance if you need a rental pack.
Rental Pack Includes Site Fee,Gun, mag, mask , 2000bbs ammo
New players welcome. Parties & groups welcome
Age limit over 12's,
Parent's signature for under 18s.
Full face protection required, (hard, plastic or mesh) not neoprene or scarf. We do have CQB elements on site
If you have problem following the simple site & game rules or calling your hits then there is no point in you coming to game at the wasteland.
Boots ( military / hiking/ high ankle support) are mandatory. Those new to airsoft with no boots will be given a couple of weeks to get boots. Boots can be purchased at waterford Airsoft Supplies or on site with prior notice.
On site shop, BBs,Co2,Gas, Minerals, bars, Crisps.
Waterford Airsoft Supplies only 5 mins walk from the site in the business park. If you need anything from the shop it can be arranged.
Let us Know if you require a hire gun. Comment on this event if you require a hire gun or mask etc. if your name's not down you may have to wait or may not have one available for you.
All guns must to be covered when transporting to and from the site or when being dropped at picked up at the gate. This is the law. Any player with uncovered guns by the gate or on route to site will not be playing.
Strict 1 joule limit (328fps) on all Airsoft guns. We use our bb and mags, Gun and chrono results recorded. there will be chrono spot checks during the day.
Make sure you read the site rules and other info before attending.