Survival 101 Workshop

samedi 26 de 10h30 à 17h30

Fuseau horaire : Kuala_Lumpur (GMT+08:00)

Midvalley City, Centrepoint North, Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
You may want to sign up & explore what this workshop has to offer. If you are ANY of these:
1. Feeling confused about life, should you continue working or start a business (because you have bills to pay, kids to take care, etc);
2. Not sure if you have what it takes to make it work out there;
3. Not sure what you intend to do if you quit because you havent found what you want to do yet;
4. Need assurance & guidance to quit and work for yourself.
This is NOT MLM or QUICK RICH SCHEME Workshop. We DO NOT BELIEVE in risky shortcuts. What we teach is a result of a REAL TEST DRIVE that we personally went through & applied in LIFE.
We specially curated/designed this course (no you cant buy this elsewhere because we painstakingly create it from scratch, and every cycle will be different) because we are concern and after receiving emails from women (in regards to the above) that we feel the need to step up & help. But most of these similar workshop will only cost them THOUSANDS OF RINGGITS!
So we come up with an affordable package that we believe you can afford. If you can afford a holiday, shopping spree, facial, spa or hair salon treatment packages, you can definitely afford this too. We understand your body and soul needs pampering, but they are TEMPORARY solutions. At the end of the day you are BACK to square ONE!
We want you to take this first step and do yourself a favor because no one can, BUT yourself. Do INVEST your time to take this up.
We will invite REAL Women Speakers to share their journey with you too. And they were ONCE like you confused, scared & worried.
Fees includes:
1. Notes & tools (we assure you they are not hammer, nails, etc :-))
2. Refreshments
3. VALUABLE takeaways/tips that you WILL NOT BE able to measure or trade with money.
4. FREE life coaching for a MONTH.
We guarantee you that you will LEAVE the Workshop feeling:
1. RENEWED & CONFIDENT of what to-do next in your life;
2. INSPIRED to make things work - for yourself & loved ones;
3. Guided, assured to navigate life uncertainties;
4. No longer CONFUSED with your life;
5. Learn Techniques & Tips to MAKE IT THROUGH LIFE no matter how shitty it can be.
5. Make new friends/contacts.
To sign up, email to or sign up via link below:
We take in LIMITED PAX to ensure we attend to small groups only.
So tag along a friend (or friends, and save RM50 OFF from each person's fee), and for once, TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE today.
Seriously, you have nothing to lose except TIME & a small investment.
Email to us at for sign up details.