Warhammer 40k 2,000 point ITC Tournament
X Planet

samedi 23 de 11h00 à 20h00

Fuseau horaire : Toronto (GMT-04:00)

X Planet
5170 Dixie Rd., Unit 102
L4W 1E3 Mississauga
Our first 40k tourney of the new edition. This will be straight out of the book. We will be using the Maelstrom missions so everyone planning on attending will need a tactical objectives deck and six objective markers numbered 1-6. Anyone drawing a card that is not applicable to their current game, may discard the card and redraw.
Entry: $15 (it will all go into the prize pool)
Army points: 2,000 points using the Match play rules found on page 214 of the rule book.
Round Times: 2 hrs
Number of rounds: Will be a minimum of three with an optional fourth round if needed.
Missions: Cleanse & Control, Tactical Escalation and Cloak & Shadows. Fourth round mission if needed is Deadlock.
This will be a WYSIWYG event. Armies will not need to be painted but if there is enough participation we will be awarding a prize for best painted.
Source: www.facebook.com