A Long Table about What's Next After 377A

mardi 22 de 19h30 à 21h30

Fuseau horaire : Singapore (GMT+08:00)

17 Jalan Pinang
199149 Singapore
Your Last Chance to have a taste of the Natural Education Conference of 2017! This event was orginally scheduled as part of that conference, but has been moved to this date, time and venue.
Section 377A is the biggest challenge we have to LGBTIQ equality in Singapore, its continued existence criminalizes sex between men, but also has implications on laws, and policy in areas as diverse as education, defence, housing, law enforcement, and so on. Much of LGBTQ organizing to date has been focused on the repeal of 377A, but once we succed at it, how do we move forward?
Convened by Eugene Tan, this Long Table is a space for us to imagine this future and to talk about where we want our movement(s) to go (or not).
This event was originally intended as a closer to Natural Education 2: A Queer Conference (5 and 6 August), an event in IndigNation: Singapore's Pride Season. Due to seredipidous scheduling conflicts, it has been moved to this new date. See http://indignationsg.wordpress.com/ for more info.
Image from Boo Junfeng's Pink Dot 2012 video, "Someday"
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