Reiki Attunement 1 & 2 - with Mohammad from House of Healing
MD Healing

ven. 29/09/2017 de 10h00 à 18h00

Fuseau horaire : Dubai (GMT+04:00)

Ascension Platforms
7 Street
27498 Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Friday 29th September - From 10am to 6pm
With Mohammad Chahin
✨ PRICE: AED 1333
-> EARLY BIRD till 22/08 included: AED 1111
Payment in advance. Details below.
The price includes: Detailed course manual / Healthy Refreshments & Snacks / Accredited Certificate
Ascension Villa
Dubai, Springs 4, St 7, Villa 27.
As Ascension shift is accelerating faster and higher.
Mohammad has been called to spread Reiki level 1 & 2 Attunement where he can reach to accelerate the awakening along the path of time of Ascension.
> The course covers:
4 Attunements to start the flow of Reiki energy
Introduction to energy theory
The Reiki history
Understanding healing
How to give Reiki to yourself and others
Many practical exercises (including working in pairs)
Introduction to deepning meditation state
> What is Reiki?
Reiki is one of the ancient techniques of healing used by various spiritual masters that roamed the earth before us. This “spiritual inheritance” left to us from these masters can have a very powerful impact on our lives in general, while keeping in awarness on the below:
* Practice with respect to the forces of healing and light
* Practice with a clear and pure conscious and intent to heal
> How does Reiki help?
Simply, Reiki is the channelling of universal light through our hands. As the light passes through the Master/Student’s hand, it is coated with the vibrational energy of the heart chakra, which is LOVE, and this is when effective healing takes place.
Reiki teaches the student to let go of old hatred, sadness, and insecurities that chain the heart with darkness and disparity. It is a wonderful-light-filled-technique that gives us a taste of the true divine, while also cleansing our souls, purifying our being, and most importantly, heals us and others around us.
Reiki allows a person to be a channel of universal light, as it surrounds him/her with a powerful golden mist that mends people’s mental and physical health, and banishes negativity and hatred.
Reiki can be used everywhere and anywhere, at any time and at any space.
✨ FACILITATOR: Mohammad Chahin
Our friend starseed and prior-apprentice from The House of Healing Lebanon (Beirut).
Co-Owner of the only healing center in Beirut, Mo in his fast pace journey of remembering his Divine Nature, has been called to move back to Lebanon to initiate and launch a place for the souls to awaken. We are delighted to host in exclusivity his first Attunements and Workshops in Dubai!
Mohammed’s Reiki Story
“From a real life experience out of stress, i was born again with the learning and practice of a great ancient Japanese healing modality Reiki. When you put yourself in the shoes of others you can really heal them. I was once surrounded by negativity inside and outside and reiki released me from this prison and gave me a channel to help others and thus the journey begins I teach Reiki with love , compassion and giving the right tools to upgrade your energy abilities to transform and play with energy and of course to heal your self and others 💚Reiki is a very easy modality that will shift your reality and your health join me For condensed course with certification from Reiki international organizations Join me September 28 or 9 to discover more about Reiki and crystal therapy course”
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