Level 1 - Sound Healing Therapy Course
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Du 13/10/2017 09h30 au 14/10/2017 18h00/strike>

Ascension Platforms
Springs 4, 7 Street, V 27
27498 Dubai
United Arab Emirates
For All Levels, whether you are beginner or would like to integrate the sound healing and frequency in your existing spiritual practices.
Each course gives access to more self-realisation, empowerment, healing and awakening.
With Mathilde A. Souffront, Sound Master, Energy Alchemist, Spiritual Teacher and Lightworker.
> the fundamentals of sound healing, vibrational sound healing, types & history of Tibetan singing bowls and also the background & importance of the science behind the sound in the field of therapy.
> the different techniques for giving sound & vibration healing with the Tibetan singing bowls. For example – striking, rubbing, rotating half moon, full moon, creating gaps between each sound, singing with singing bowls and using water with singing bowls.
> how to give a Full Body Therapeutic Sound Bath Healing Session with just a few bowls or with all seven chakra Tibetan singing bowls. Including complete chakra balancing & aura cleansing.
You will be given techniques and sequences for the different therapies to release emotional and physical pains, with the client lying down or sitting down.
> to develop your intuitive skills to give an energy diagnostic in order to work with clients on targeted areas.
> to give 1-hour session of sound & vibration healing, using various techniques such as sound baths and placing the bowls on the clients (deep tissue resonance and massage)
> how to combine Tibetan singing bowl healing therapy with other alternative healing modalities.
> self-healing tools to ground, open your channels, prepare yourself before and after the session.
> tools to improve your communication skills and intuition to become an insightful sound healer in order to guide spiritual seekers on their way to health, well-being and awakening.
> a Student Handbook
> a Certificate of Participation for the completion of the 2 days training.
If you wish to be certified Sound Practitioner, an extra day of course and practice is available (see below)
Including student handbook, snacks and refreshment
Space is limited, to save your spot, Full advance payment is required.
Mode of Payment Below.
> Price: 2,111 AED
(Early Bird till 09/09 inclusive: 1,888 AED)
> Do you and your loved one want to do this together? For married partners we have a couple rate: 3,333 AED
Location: Ascension Platforms (Springs 4).
Booking here: mathildesouffront@gmail.com
The students and apprentices benefit from 10% Discount on all purchase/order of tibetans singing bowls, mallet and tingshas.
1 Day Course. 777 AED. Planned on the 15th Oct.
Requirement: to have completed the 2 DAYS Program Sound Healing Therapy.
Course Details, you will:-
- Facilitate and train in completing several Sound Healing sessions. (receiving, giving and watching)
- Get a guideline to interview the client.
- Get a guideline to prepare your sacred space, yourself and the client.
- Learn how to assist the unusual reactions during the sessions and post sessions.
You will receive a Certificate of Completion that acknowledges your commitment, skill and qualification to facilitate Tibetan Singing Bowls Therapy.
2 Days Course. 1,555dhs.
Requirement: to have completed the Sound Practitioner Course (Level 1 & 2)
- You will learn to lead sound healing meditations, group sessions and classes with the basic techniques of Hypnotherapy.
- You will receive a certificate of completion that acknowledges your commitment, skill and qualification to facilitate Sound Healing Group Meditation Sessions.
Mathilde Souffront (Lumiere LunaRa) is a Spiritual and Ascension Guide in Service to the New Light. A Sound Master and Frequency Alchemist, Hypnotherapist, Light Codes Transmission Channel and Gridworker.
Her inspirational path brings forth higher consciousness wisdom and knowledge to assist All, ready to embrace their Soul Contract Now. She activates and raises the vibrational frequency of those who receive, while empowering them to embrace their own magical gifts and journey.
She holds space for transformation, Soul/Self realisation and Unity Consciousness awakening.
In Love, High Frequency of Light and Service of the One and the New Earth.
Mathilde Lumiere
Website: www.ascensionplatforms.com
Email: mathildesouffront@gmail.com
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Private Sessions on appointment basis.
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Booking here: mathildesouffront@gmail.com
Space is limited, to save your spot, Full advance payment is required.
"I had the privilege of attending the Sound Healing Practitioner course with Malthilda in 2017 , the experience has changed my life forever in the most positive way one can imagine, it opened me up to a whole new dimension. In addition to the self growth, we as students completed the course with the gift of knowledge that we can now share.
The course structure was intense ,very interesting and very professional,I left each day feeling excited to get back to class!
I would highly recommend Mathilda to be part of your journey , either as a client or a student...you will come out of it touched with the purity of her practice, her warm giving heart and generosity of spirit" - Nicole Mouton
"The TBSB with Mathilde was a beautiful remembering over the healing power of sounds and how to work with frequencies. It brought a whole new awareness in my work as a tantric alchemist and Shamanic practitioner. The daily meditations were powerful bringing downloads and connections to support our expansion. Mathilde's style of teaching has a beautiful balance of technical information, soul expansion and organic flow.
If you are interested in soul expansion, energy based body work, understanding frequencies and vibrations, or just for your own healing, I strongly recommend to try the TBSB training with Mathilde." - Silfath Pinto
"Tibetan singing bowls training with Mathilde was an experience way beyond my expectations. The knowledge we gained, the spiritual yet scientific approach to teaching was Mathilde's signature. Giving from the heart and ensuring that we all master what we learn. Thank you Mathilde for an amazing journey. I am ever grateful for the love and support." - Rita
"The course with Mathilde was a unforgettable experience for me . Many spiritual teachers have come along my way in my life - some for a few hours ,some for many hours in a retreat, and some every time I needed them . As I truly believe that everything is happening for a reason . And when the student is ready the teacher will come . I would like to thank you Mathilde for the unique touch u had while leading this class. The knowledge u shared was fantastic . I am grateful for teaching and explaining the difference between the Vedic and the Tibetan system also for the beautiful guidance to feel, sense, see, hear and follow my intuition in healing with the Tibetan singing Bowls.
Mathilde has touched my heart ❤ in giving me a positive outlook on life and the inspiration to follow my dreams ." Gertrud
Source: www.facebook.com