Kurt Chambers - Freediving Class (O'ahu)
Kurt Chambers

Du 15/09/2017 08h00 au 17/09/2017 14h00

Shark's Cove, North Shore, Oahu
Honolulu, HI
This class is appropriate for all ability/experience levels (including beginner), helping you progress in depth and breath-hold time from wherever you are currently at. The only requirement is having sufficient equipment (mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, weight belt), any of which I can lend on request. It is also helpful to be familiar with equalization of the ears (https://www.facebook.com/notes/kurt-chambers/equalization-by-kurt-chambers/398607186955804).
I allow students to participate for as many days as their schedule/budget allows. The full class spans 3 days for $350, allowing diving up to 100' on the last day. But taking only the first day or two ($125/$250) is still highly worthwhile for learning the most fundamental knowledge from the course (breath-holding, breathing techniques, safety, diving skills), and anyone can continue the remaining days of the course in a future class.
As always, any former students are welcome to join for any of the days of the class at no charge.
For more details or to sign up please message me on FB or email (kurtchambers@gmail.com). To sign up you just need to submit a $125 deposit (covers first day); I can accept Paypal at http://paypal.me/kurtchambers/125 (or kurtchambers@gmail.com), Venmo @kurtchambers, or contact me to use a check or credit card.
Source: www.facebook.com