Joshua Burnside & Ports
DeBarra's Folk Club

jeudi 26 de 21h00 à 23h45

Fuseau horaire : Dublin (GMT+01:00)

DeBarra's Folk Club
55 Pearse St.
Co. Cork Clonakilty
Joshua Burnside & PORTS
Thursday 26th October
Doors 9pm
Start 9:30pm
Tickets: €10 (+booking)
‘Rumbling, brooding, powerful, magnetic’ - The Irish Times
‘There’s an indefinable quality and charm to Joshua Burnside’s debut’ - The Sunday Times
‘It makes you glad to have a pair of working ears’ - Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1
‘It is an endless adventure, a record that won’t tire, such is the depth and scope of what you hear’ - Daily Mirror
'Dynamic and wide ranging in scope but stands as a complete and focused work. The end result is a triumph’ - Chordblossom