Desi Pride Week 2017 Presented by Bollywood Blast Montreal
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Du 17/08/2017 13h00 au 20/08/2017 17h00

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Montréal, Quebec, Canada
It’s Canada Pride Week and Bollywood Blast is all up in it! We are thrilled to present DESI Pride Week 2017. DPW is a group of events where South Asian culture, arts and experiences will be represented through a panel discussion, spectacular cultural performances and celebratory events over the course of the festival.
As Canada Pride marks its first edition this year, it’s important to celebrate diversity & inclusion of different demographics within the LGBTQ community. Due to the many cultural and social stigmas faced by LGBTQ South Asians, integrating and freely expressing oneself within society is of utmost importance. Through events and initiatives like DESI Pride Week, Bollywood Blast aims to inspire South Asians in the LGBTQ community to come out and celebrate themselves, their culture and who they are...oh yeah and of course there's dancing!
Panel discussion on how the South Asian LGBTQ demographic can overcome cultural and social stigmas to live a free and open lifestyle without fear.
La conférence nationale / The national conference lgbttiqa2s
Workshop timing from 1-2:15 pm.
Panelists include:
Rameez Karim (Artistic Director, Bollywood Blast)
Arshad Khan (Film maker who's film ABU was shown at the Los Angeles Film Festival 2017 - World Premier)
Ina Roy (Founder of Bollywood Blast, South Asian Culture Specialist)
Desi Pride 2017: The Party Presented by Bollywood Blast Montreal
Come jam and celebrate as we bring you the hottest Bollywood tracks spun by Dyn Amite (NYC) Lal Batti will be in the house serving you some DESI sass.
Bollywood Blast dancers will dazzle the audience as they open the show Fierté Canada Montréal 2017 - Ethnie-Cité. Show starts at 9 PM at Emilie-Gamelin (Free admission)
Join us Bollywood style for Fierté Canada Montréal 2017 - Le Défilé / The Parade. We will be representing the South Asian demographic through costume, music and dance.
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