Women and Words

mar. 12/09/2017 de 18h30 à 20h30

Fuseau horaire : Vancouver (GMT-07:00)

Elate Cosmetics
26 Bastion Sq, unit 18B
V8W 1H9 Victoria
“All the stories you were meant to write are already inside you.” — Anonymous
Find your voice. Speak your truth. Write your story.
Women and Words offers you the rare opportunity to gather with a group of inspired women in a place safe enough to find your voice and nurture the words your heart has been asking you to let out.
Too often, our laundry list of to-dos overtakes our creative side. It’s time to give yourself permission to come out and play. For one night, this is your priority.
Danielle Pope will guide you through grounding activities, writing exercises and incubation sessions to get your creative spirit flowing and give you the tools to unleash your writer within.
Whether you’re a published author working on your 10th novel, a woman who’s always dreamed of penning her first work, or someone who just needs an excuse to get creative on a Tuesday night, this all-levels workshop is open for you.
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