Italian Aperitivo & The Art of Rhetoric

lun. 21 août à 19:00

Pizzeria Focolare

Aperitivo Toastmasters brings the spirit of Italy to our meetings with a friendly and delicious aperitivo at the start of our meeting (price: 10 euros). This is followed by a bilingual evening of public speaking education and fun in both Italian and English. 

Laura will tell us about her coffee encounters, from farm to flat white. Maria Elena will give a humorous speech and it's guaranteed we'll smile :-) 

You'll have the opportunity to step on the stage and participate in the improvisation session (if you want) or give feedback to the other speakers.  

Italian language knowledge is NOT required.

Usually we are 10-15 at the meeting. (If you see few people signed up on Meetup that's because members and returning guests use an internal meeting management system to sign up.)