Saturday ride in Chevreuse : 120k Fast ride + Hilly - advanced level -

sam. 19 août à 09:00

Place de la porte de Chatillon

Hi riders !   FAST RIDE !!!!!!'🚴 August, Act 2!!

On saturday august 19th i will propose a fast ride with advanced Level in Chevreuse with med  hills . Average speed : 29/31 km/h and 120k. 

Please make sure that you are comfortable with the medium pace.
Coffee stop /water stop/pains au chocolat stop/ Ricard stop/ whisky stop! at Dampierre

I will post the ride soon!!
As always, please check the followings:
- do you have the cycling fitness and experience for this ride?
- safety comes first: no helmet, no PCG ride.
- this ride is for road bikes/velos de route, not for VTT.
- check the weather in advance.
- bring spare tube, bidons, energy bars, gels, etc.
- bring money (for an emergency)