Ensemble of Refugees Wien | Ayman Hlal, Till Velten et al
Lucerne Festival

sam. 09/09/2017 de 16h00 à 18h00

Fuseau horaire : Zurich (GMT+02:00)

Der MaiHof - Räume für Menschen
Weggismattstrasse 9
6004 Lucerne
Identities 7
Ensemble of Refugees Vienna
Ayman Hlal, violin and musical direction
Till Velten, staging and overall artistic direction
Franziska Adensamer, recorder and accordion
Khaled Aga, voice
Samer Alkurdi, Sufi dancing
Farid Feyzullayev, violin
Peccu Frost, voice
George Naser, oud
Ahmed Shqaqi, oud
Malte Scholz, speaker
“Till Velten’​s symphony.land – A Social Symphony”
world premiere
A Sufi dancer from Afghanistan, who creates a new homeland for himself through dance. A Syrian out virtuoso whose instrument understands all the secrets of being a refugee. A lost singer from Finland who seaches for a new life in the music of Henry Purcell. In symphony.land people from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds come together on the stage and take the risk of exposing themselves with all their strengths and wounds, their failures and hopes – in terms of musical, but also by sharing their personal stories about the very different paths they have taken in their lives. The theme of flight − flight from war and terror, but also flight within – plays a central role, as does the construction of a new home: through language, encounter, music. As a starting point for his project, the artist Till Velten has chosen a classic of Western music history: Ludwig van Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony. Can it become a temporary home? Can it lead to changes or itself be open to transformation?
Source: www.facebook.com