Lucerne Symphony Orchestra | Luzerner Theater Chorus, Heil
Lucerne Festival

dim. 10/09/2017 de 13h30 à 15h30

Fuseau horaire : Zurich (GMT+02:00)

Luzerner Theater
Theaterstrasse 2
6003 Lucerne
Lucerne Symphony Orchestra
Luzerner Theater Chorus, (Mark Daver chorus master)
Clemens Heil, conductor
Herbert Fritsch, director and staging
Bettina Helmi, costumes
soloists of the Luzerner Theater
György Ligeti (1923–2006)
Le Grand Macabre. Opera in 4 scenes
revised version from 1996
A coproduction of the Luzerner Theater with LUCERNE FESTIVAL
Comets circle, ministers bully their stuttering princes, alcohol flows down everyone’s throat. In György Ligeti’s ultra-black dance of death, Nekrotzar – the Grand Macabre – rises from his grave. His plan is to let the world go under, or, rather, the Principality of Breughelland, which is heaven and hell in one, familiar and at the same time gruesome, tender, beautiful, and yet so vulgar. Ligeti pulls out all the musical stops, using abrupt, abstruse, and satirical effects, allusions to the history of music, quotations, and expressive atonality. This fabulous Carnival play will be staged by Herbert Fritsch, who is said to be one of the most successful directors of his generation in the German-speaking world – his work has been seen from Moscow to Japan. Ligeti’s grotesque parable is ideal material for him: Fritsch will present Le Grand Macabre as a visually lush Gothic operetta full of hidden meaning, subversion, and mischief.