Jirisan National Park Mountain Camp Treat
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Du 08/09/2017 22h00 au 10/09/2017 19h30

Jirisan National Park
#Highest peak,Cheonwangbong(1,915meter sea level high) in mainland of korea
#Jungsanri ticketing gate 중산리탐방지원센터, southern part of Jirisan which is the shortest trail to top and across to Northern Baekmudong hiking trails
#We arrange a yoga 3 sessions for this weekend with professional instructors and anyone can feel free to join.
#Daejeon Pickup possible!
: 3 types of hiking, A.loop(9km), B.across(12km), C.Free walk along creek C.Yoga : no fee, 1 hour ,3 session
Play in river :
Cliff jumping, Bridge jumping(around 3~5meter depending on level of water)
Searching for fireflies
: this is the season for the fireflies lighting to find their mate for 7~14 days , it's just magical to see their flying. we can hike at peaceful night under the stars and moon.
We prepare 1dinner, 1 breakfast and 1 lunch(sandwich)
will be very diverse, whole meal, alergic friendly, vegan friendly, as less processed food as possible.
IN THIS YEAR, OUTDOOR will be yours with your own tent and sleeping bag
ORDER YOUR OWN POP-UP TENT (price range 40k won ~ )
order your own SLEEPING BAG (price range 10k won ~
*RENTAL we prepare a sleeping bag and (a tent to share with 2~4 person,floor mat&rain cover included)
10K won per person.
* PENSION(lodging,accomodation)
right next to river,
sharing a room with group of same minded people.
kitchen(you can cook), shower, bedding, towel, soap, toothpaste, bathroom, balcony and (living room or not). 20K won per person sharing a room with our travelers. Claim a room if you have buddies.
RIVER RAFTING : optional, cost \20,000, sunday,duration 3 hours including preparation
Hi~ all!
Summer is here, city is hot humid!
But the mountain is greenish,refreshing and evape the all the healing the scent from trees,valleys,flowers!
Cloud is white and wind is telling the meaning of life!
Let's conquer the highest peak,Cheonwangbong(1,915meter sea level high)in mainland with the stunning gorgeous sunrise~!
We start hiking only we can see the light of stars and moon and can hear the sound of stream of valley and beautiful sounds of birds celebrating the dawn! make it to the highest temple in korea to watch stunning sunrise over the thousand year old pagoda with the layers of mountain!
then,keep hiking up to the peak to have a view of world and sky all around panoramic view!
Taking a nature nap on the sky at the highest peak and head down amazing falls and river valley!
After hiking, we can play in water where you can swim, jump off the rock,bridge.This is the best way to give massage to your body after hiking!
and then dinner together, we can keep continuing party, or walk for fireflies to the river! I
We will have BBQ party at the river camping site , pension and having amazing time in mountain pension! Make new friends and party!
Then, next day waking up with great fresh air and chilling at river , find a rock to jump into river!
On the way back home, we drop by big river to enjoy rafting and have more time to enjoy the rapid of water and dip in to enjoy swimming!
Summer vacation season , the beach is way too crouded ,let's go chilling in the beautiful mountain and river not even crouded!
Spread the word!
♣ We departs Seoul at 10PM a bit earlier than usual and arrive at the hiking trails of the parking lot 3AM to make it to the temple(or peak depending on pace) for the sunrise.
♣ when someone doesn't feel good when we arrive at 3AM,
It's possible to pitch a tent at camping site , or minbak(hostel) to share a room with other people.
♣ Jirisan Hiking Information
[BUS STOP] just in case of need 01086069904
- please,click the link for map below
- be there 10 min early,bus never wait for the late
- if late for Hapjeong,then take a taxi to Express bus terminal to catch the bus
10PM:Hapjeong stn, Line2&6, Exit8,7/11 (get out of exit7,cross to SK gas station)
1010PM:Sinyongsan stn,line4,exit2
1020PM:Express bus terminal/
1140PM: Dongcheon
1AM :Daejeon Bokhap Bus terminal,infront of macdonald
[how to join]
78,000won included chartered bus,guided hiking,camping site,BBQ dinner,Breakfast,Bonfire with smores,lots of fun with nice people!
(1) Please wire in advance 78,000won (Kookmin Bank)
Account number: 762301-04-223562 김승일(Seoul Hiking)
♣ 85,000won if you pay on the day of and in person.
♣ Paypal 78USD to seoulhiking@gmail.com
♣ [Early Bird discount] best way to help to arrange trip is to wire money early and get excited longer!
-6,000won : Present-Friday, 18th
-3,000won : ~ 25th
♣ [Bus discount] for those who travelled with us previously:
you’re eligible for a discount.
If you travelled with the Seoul Hiking Group before:
1~2times/ -₩2,000
3~4times/ -₩4,000
5~6times/ -₩6,000
7~8times/ -₩8,000
9~14times/ -₩10,000
20times more/-₩14,000
[Group discount] when 1 person wire money for more than 5 people. Wire money first and email the list of names.
[Night Hiking Coupon] apply when you wire money.
After you've completed the wire transfer, please copy, paste & modify it , please send an email to: seoulhiking@gmail.com
---copy & modify-->
1.TITLE: Sep,9~10,Jirisan National Park,Mountain Camp Treat,Yoga,Rafting,Cliff Bridge Jump
3.Exact time when and how much you wired : 78,000-earlybird-busdiscount +(optional,tent rental or lodging,rafting)
4.where you take the bus at :
(PLEASE, choose one : Hapjeong,Yongsan station, Express Bus Terminal,Jukjeon, Suwon,cheonan,0130AM:Daejeon)
---copy & modify-->
[♣ Refund]
when you fill the form,you will get the time stamp.
* There is a 10,000won cancellation fee
*IMPORTANT : based on the timestamp applied for the refund,
72-24 hours before departure, you are eligible for 30,000won to refund.
24 hours~before departure ,20,000won refund.
*IF you fail to show up, you will not get a refund.
♣ About Safety Guide
Seoul Hiking Group will not be held liable for any risks/injuries involved during your trip. You are responsible for your own safety. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any loss/damage(s) of your personal belongings.
If this is your first trip with the Seoul Hiking Group, please take time to read this thoroughly:
♣ Group Trip-The most commonly asked questions:
Q.) When is the next rest stop?
A.) There is no cabin (toilet) on the bus. So, when we make a rest stop please (please! Please! PLEASE!) make sure you use the restroom. It helps us to stay on schedule.
[Hwajangsil(화장실), bathroom,washroom,toilet]
Also,when you are at the place of event, all the commercial restaurants,gas station,grocery store have a responsibility to open their restroom for the visitors.So, please ask kindly them "Hwajangsil(화장실)" in korean.
Q.) Where is the trash bin?
A.) Please hold on to your trash until you find a trash bin
Q.) What time we (the bus) leave?
A.) Please,check the itinerary on this event! If there are any sudden changes, then there will be an announcement.
Q.) What are the room sizes and how to share a room?
A.) Typically we try to fit 3-10 people per room. You are only able to claim a room when rooms are available.there should be a separated women only room.
Q.) What should I pack? Less bring,More experience,More get~!
A.) extra cash, dress accordingly to the weather and try to pack as light as possible.
Q.) If I already paid, how can I cancel my payment?
A.) There are 2 options:
1.) You can get a refund
2.) You can use it as credit for a future trip (This way you can avoid the cancellation fee)
Q.) Can I leave my stuff on the bus?
A.) Yes, you can leave your stuff on the bus while on event. But, as with most things in life, be smart about it.
Q.) What happens if I get really drunk?
A.) Please,be responsible for your own actions as drinking can be harmful to spoil your trip.
[♣ REQUEST TRIP! And enjoy trip for free!
* If you’re interested in traveling anywhere in Korea, I would love to help you organize it!
Many of the trips we go on start out as a request from our members. So, please let me know if they’re places you would like to visit and I can try my best to organize it.
* If you suggest a trip the SHG has never done before (and we organize it!) you can attend that trip for free!
♣ Outdoor Nature is good for us! So many mental and physical benefits!
♣ Trips are open to everyone. New-comers are more than welcome!
♣ Love nature~! Let’s explore and experience all that South Korea has to offer!
♣ Embrace Culture and meet same-minded People
♣ People come together and make life long memories with the SEOUL HIKING GROUP~!
Save friends from smoky bars! Invite them along and show them all that Korea has to offer~!
Have a nice day~!
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