Ritual Play!
Avalanche Bodywork

jeu. 14/09/2017 de 19h00 à 22h00

Fuseau horaire : Amsterdam (GMT+02:00)

Beatrixlaan 1
Beatrixlaan 1 3721 XC Bilthoven
Do you love to play?
Remember how it was to play when you were a kid?
We have all been told that kids learn by playing.
And now I tell you: so do adults.
So let's play!
Especially in the personal development world the tendency seems to be: How harder the proces, the more growth it will bring.
I challenge this!
Come and have fun with us and learn more about yourself and what you do in relating while playing and having fun.
Ritual play brings you the opportunity to play in whatever way you want. It can be silly, juicy, wild, cozy, cuddly or no play at all.
The guidelines of the game will bring a safe playing space and the invitation to only choose to do what you want.
So call your friends and come and play with us.
The workshop will be in English or Dutch, depending on the participants.
You can sign up by sending me an email: info@avalanche-bodywork.nl
What to bring:
A yoga mat if you have one and a pillow to sit on.
Water bottle if you like
A pen if you want to write something down
Wear stretchy flexibel clothes
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