As I Went Down To The River Styx by Douglas Ross and Ciara Julia Ryan
In-spire Galerie Dublin

mer. 30/08/2017 de 18h00 à 21h00

Fuseau horaire : Dublin (GMT+01:00)

In-spire Galerie Dublin
56 Lower Gardiner Street
Inspire Galerie invites you to the opening night reception of this exhibition which features new work by Douglas Ross and Ciara Julia Ryan.
Storyteller Neil Horgan will open the exhibition and both Douglas Ross and Ciara Julia Ryan will be in attendance to present their work.
About the exhibition:
Douglas Ross and Ciara Julia Ryan began working together in early 2016. Their first collaboration “Persephone’s Gate” was exhibited in the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art in June 2016. Fascinated by the myth of Persephone and also the Irish legend of the Tuatha de Danann, they collaborated intensively through the summer of 2016, scripting a story that was informed by these legends, but that had a relevance in their own lives. Thousands of images were shot with a view towards presenting an exhibition of symbolic images that reflected on their sharing experience as well as providing enough images to create an animated series of images, telling the story in more detail. Six monologues were filmed later and together make up a 26 minute video. Leon Quinn of Reverb Studios edited the video and Paul McCormack wrote an original music score for the video. A large full colour book has been produced to accompany the exhibition.
Douglas Ross is a visual artist who has exhibited extensively in Ireland and abroad. The main features that characterize his work are that it is figurative, often collaborative and is an attempt to create a contemporary mythological iconography. Ciara Julia Ryan is an actress trained in the Gaiety School of Acting. She has played numerous roles on Dublin stages and toured Europe for eight months with the Emerald Isle Theatre Company.
Neil Horgan is a professional storyteller,
a graduate of the International School of Storytelling in the UK , in both adult and children's storytelling .

He is passionate about the ancient craft and specialises in true stories from his own life .

Neil won the Moth true story competition in the Sugar Club in December 2014 and was runner up in the Moth Grand Slam in December 2015 in the Abbey Theatre.