Books presentation by the EHU Laboratory of Critical Urbanism
Laboratory of Critical Urbanism

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lun. 14/08/2017 de 18h00 à 19h30/strike>

Visagino Kūrybos NAMAI
Vilties g. 16
LT31121 Visaginas
This evening members of the EHU Laboratory of Critical Urbanism will present and discuss Laboratory's two new books - "Mapping Visaginas" and "Mapping Vilnius". This series is promoting critical urbanism as a practice of analyzing the changing relations between citizens, the state and the international context in shaping urban spaces in Central- and Eastern Europe. EHU LCU is organizing research and educational projects in Visaginas from 2015. "Mapping Visaginas: Sources of Urbanity in a Former Mono-functional town" (2016) is a book, that documents these projects and puts them in wider perspective.
"The process of disconnection between the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant and the town of Visaginas leads to a new stage of urbanization. The result is an ongoing reconfiguration of relationships between social and material infrastructures, institutes of power and meanings of sites, collective habits and individual interests. These realignments provoke political, entrepreneurial, technological, artistic and scholarly responses. By documenting, juxtaposing and examining these responses, the Laboratory of Critical Urbanism aims at better understanding of a newly emerging form of urbanity in Visaginas, of its specificity and resources. Locally applied empirical and theoretical work analyses "post-" changes as determined not only temporally, but also spatially: i.e. not only by the temporal sequence(s), but also by its specific multi-scalar interpenetrations and closures. Mapping, understood in this sense, opens up new possibilities for analysing the modes of causality of social processes implied under the term "post-"."
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