18th Aug:A Different Independence
Let Us Go

ven. 18/08/2017 de 5h30 à 19h00

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Let Us Go
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Journey Date - 18th August
Price - Rs 2699/Person
Inclusions:Breakfast,Lunch,Guide Charges,Tickets,AC Transportation
The tour will be guided by Mr.Rangan Datta
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Event Summary:
It was 15 August 1947 and Independence of India, but the independence came with the horrors of partitions, forming the two new domains of India and Pakistan.
Sir Radcliff, the man responsible for drawing the line of divide in Bengal awarded most of the Nadia district, which had a Hindu majority, to East Pakistan. Massive protests followed and Viceroy Lord Mountbatten ordered an immediate correction to the map. On the evening of 17 August All India Radio (AIR) announced that the majority of the district of Nadia to be part of India.
Celebration followed the next day and the Pakistani flag, which was raised by Muslim league in the Krishnanagar (Dist. headquarters of Nadia) was brought down and replaced with the Indian tricolour on 18 August.
Sadly this event has long been forgotten and it was only in 1998 a young man named Anjan Sukul from the border town of Shibnibas decided to celebrate Independence Day of Nadia on 18 August.
It was not easy task for Sukul. Till 2002, the code governing the display of the tricolour had prohibited citizens from hoisting the national flag on days other than 15 August (Independence Day) and 26 January (Republic Day). So hosting the national flag on any other day was illegal in 1998. This was not to dampen the spirit of Sukul, who had heard about the incident from his grandfather.
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