Mini Tennis Championship Malta 2017
TennisLine Academy

dim. 03/09/2017 de 8h00 à 19h00

Fuseau horaire : Malta (GMT+02:00)

TennisLine Academy
Saint Julian's
We are delighted to announce the first regular 🏆 MINI TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIP in Malta!
This is a series of 10 tournaments running all year round at our venues open to all players aged 10-and-under played on smaller courts with slower balls and smaller rackets. All mini players will get tour points and prizes at each event! We will be constantly keeping the ratings and announcing RED, ORANGE and GREEN Mini Tennis Champions at the end of the year. The Mini Tennis Champions of each category win brand new racket HEAD Junior Speed + 🎓​​ FREE Tennis School tuition for full next Term at TennisLine Academy!
The tournament scoring format is in guidelines with ITF Official program - Tennis10s and based on ITF Rules of Tennis. If you have any queries please contact us 📱+356 7759 0232 or via 📧 or speak to the coach.
Event 01 April 9 ✔️
Event 02 May 7 ✔️
Event 03 May 28 ✔️
Event 04 June 11 ✔️
Event 05 July 2 ✔️
Event 06 August 6 ✔️
Event 07 September 3 - REGISTRATION OPEN till Aug 29
Event 08 October 1
Event 09 November 5
Event 10 December 3
RED LEVEL from 8:00am
ORANGE LEVEL not before 9:30am
GREEN LEVEL from 5:30pm
​Multiple Round Robin - this format sees players divided into round-robin boxes and playing against each player in their box.
Red Level: 1x Tiebreak to 10
Orange Level: Best of 3 Tiebreaks to 7
Green Level: Best of 3 Short Sets to 4 (3rd Set as match Tiebreak to 10)
Mini tennis ratings are helpful to slowly introduce mini players to competitive tennis. The ratings are designed to reward mini players for competing, inspire to develop the game and offer the opportunity to compete more regularly and improve.
IMPORTANT: ALL Mini Tennis players are rewarded for participation as well as success!
We will be constantly keeping the ratings and announcing RED, ORANGE and GREEN Mini Tennis Champions at the end of the year 🏆
St. Martin's College Sports Complex, Swatar, Malta
All entries for events to be received at least 5 days before the day of the tournament. Once you enter and pay you will receive an email confirming your entry. Please remember to add your child’s full name.
You can enter each tournament individually (15 € each) or go for the full season pass for the bargain price of 100 € (all 10 events).