Dancing Under the Stars (Special Event)
La Danza Academy

Du 26/08/2017 15h00 au 27/08/2017 19h00

Majdel Tarchich
Dear Dancers,
This time we are bringing the love of dancing to mix the love of adventure and adrenaline.
Dance the ground, feel the fire and seek stars.
We are reaching all those who love to dance to experience the camping and outdoor life.
In this event you will be able to: dance, camp, experience new outdoor activities, challenge yourself, don’t forget to tag your dance partner.
For the first time in Lebanon and the Middle East, skyline in collaboration with LA DANZA dancing Academy is proud to organize “dancing under the stars”
A unique experience that combines participating in outdoor activities while enjoying dancing with professional teachers from LA DANZA Academy.
The event will take place on the 26 and 27 of august 2017
Below are details of the event:
Meeting points:
-Mc Donald’s-Dawra on Saturday 26 august @ 3pm
-Wooden bakery-Jbeil on Saturday 26 august@ 2pm
-Fouad shehab stadium-Jounieh on Saturday 26 august @ 2pm
-location: majdel tarchich
-duration: 2 days
What To Wear:
* Comfortable Outfits
* Running or Hiking Shoes
What To Bring:
* Tent
* Sleeping Bag
* Light Jacket
* Hat
* Rappel (1 Coupon)
* Hiking (1 Coupon)
* Monkey Bridge (1 Coupon)
* Zippline (1 Coupon)
* Dancing Sessions
* Adventure Section : Hiking , Caving, Rappel, Ladder Climbing, Rock Climbing. (2 Coupons)
* Atv: 1 hour of ATV Offroad (4 Coupons per ATV )
Tickets Available for: 65 $ Including:
* Transportation
* Camping Location
* Bonefire
* Dinner Snack
* Breakfast
* 2 Drinks
* Music Entertainment
N.B,: * For Tents and Sleeping bags you can ask on 71-772994
Get You Tickets now by calling us on 79-145398
Add Life To Your Days
La Danza Team
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