Eye Gazing Mumbai, India, August 26th
The Human Connection Movement

sam. 26/08/2017 de 16h00 à 19h00

Fuseau horaire : Kolkata (GMT+05:00)

Aleph - The Divine Space
7-28/29 Janki Kutir Welfare Association, Above Maya, Juhu, Vile Parle-West
400049 Mumbai
MUMBAI EYE GAZING EVENT with The Human Connection Movement
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Aleph - The Divine Space
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You can arrive anytime between the time slot, although we recommend you getting there earlier to ensure you get to Eye Gaze with more people.
Human connection has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, depression, social anxiety, substance addiction, loneliness and cognitive distortions.
Sometimes words can be a barrier from being able to connect with the part of ourselves that has a message to send across.
93% of what we communicate is non-verbal, therefore the simplest of truths can be often communicated with no force, the only requirement is presence.
Step 1. Find a partner and sit with them, if no one is free please take a seat and someone will sit with you shortly..
Step 2. Take a deep breath and let go of any expectations..
Step 3. Be present.
Step 4. Allow whatever it is that comes up to move through you.
Step 5. Move on to the next person...
Please note:
This event is about exploring non-verbal eye contact, therefore please only have a small chat after you have completed each gaze and be mindful of others around you. When you are ready you can move onto the next person.
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