Wellington Public Cinema - Mature
The Wellington Public Cinema

sam. 02/09/2017 de 16h30 à 18h00

Fuseau horaire : Auckland (GMT+12:00)

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision
84 Taranaki St
6011 Wellington
New Zealand
The Wellington Public Cinema is a free to attend short film festival that showcases the work of emerging filmmaking talent, regardless of production value, experience or age.
Our screenings consist of a approx. 80-90 minute curation of short films, followed by a meet up where filmmakers have the opportunity to mingle, learn from one-another and hopefully connect to make future work.
Free pizza & beer are being provided curtosey of Tommy Millions and ParrotDog
Our screenings are free to attend and conveniently hosted at Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision, on the corner of Taranaki Street and Ghuznee Street.
Our final night, MATURE is a curated showcase of violent, sexy and drug-fuelled local short films consisting of:
SAVIOUR (2016) - DIR: Caleb Corlett
A sick girl must find medical attention; her brother steps up to find the only one that can help.
PISSY TITS STREET GANG (2016) - DIR: Alice Ralston
The new girl in a dead-end town looks to the local gang for escape and learns the easy way out is no way out at all.
THE VISITOR (2014) - DIR: Louis Sutherland
A mysterious stranger returns a wallet to it's rightfull owner, with an unexpected connection.
WHAT KATIE DID (2016) - DIR: Sophie Howard
After a stint at rehab, can Katie keep her dark secret, or will Edie learn what Katie did?
THE MANIFESTO (2014) - DIR: Louis Sutherland
Two provocateurs lay out their manifesto for modern living.
ON TIC (2016) - DIR: Glenn McKie
A drug dealing couple end up in over their head when they're forced to look after Wayne's nan.
ZED SAID (2016) - DIR: Ollie Hutton, Manon Elphick
Zed leads a fearful group away from the sortation in search for a new, more liberal way of life in the 'fields of asphodel'.
BLACK DOG (2016) - DIR: CJ Puna
Harry must unbottle his emotions, or risk the love of his life.
PIGS (2016) - DIR: James Ashcroft
An allegory about three young men who discover their true nature in the deep dark woods.
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