BITE ME - Decolonizing the Diet
Creative Arts and Industries, the University of Auckland

Du 11/09/2017 18h30 au 17/09/2017 21h30

Fuseau horaire : Auckland (GMT+12:00)

George Fraser Gallery
25a Princes Street
1010 Auckland
New Zealand
“Our colonizers taught us to believe that our health has improved because of Western medicine, Western foods, and Western technology. In a society that values progress, our colonizers taught us that conditions in the world are perpetually improving, that with each new technological advancement, each new discovery, each new way to utilize resources, each new way to alter the environment, that the world is getting better, that it is advancing. These are all lies. The world, especially environmentally, has dramatically deteriorated to the point where as human beings we are heading on a path towards our own extinction. Microwave ovens and satellite televisions are poor compensation [for cultural disconnection]...”
-Waziyatawin (For Indigenous Eyes Only: A Decolonial Handbook)
Eat My Spice - Fijian-Indian Cuisine, by Divyaa Kumar
Eat My Rice - Fillipino Cuisine, by Louie Bretana and Nadine Paredes
Lick My Bowl - Chinese Cuisine (Hong Kong/Cantonese), by Wai Ching Chan
PLEASE RSVP - there is a limited quantity of food available on the night, please RSVP by selecting 'Going' on the event page.
For one night, four artists are providing you the oppurtunity to engage with their heritage, and become an active participant in decolonising their cultures.
Part of decolonizing one's identity means decolonising their daily life - this in turn, turns into interrogating the colonial aspects in our eating practices. The way indigenous cultures eat (and what they eat) is subject to much trauma and abuse at the hands of EuroWestern colonialists, and so, engaging with this 'forbidden' and 'savage' food, you become active in the act of decolonising the practice.
Attendents will be provided with food from three differnet cultures, and required to eat in a manner which the food demands i.e. with your hands, with spoons or with chopsticks.
First Meal - Eat My Spice (6.30pm est. serving time)
Kokonda (raw fish) and fried spiced dalo (taro).
Second Meal - Eat My Rice (7.20pm est. serving time)
Chicken Inasal ( chicken meat and innards marinated in vinegar and asian herbs and grilled with anatto garlic oil) and 'Bicol Express' (pork in coconut milk with shrimp paste and chillies).
Third Meal - Lick My Bowl (8.00pm est. serving time)
湯圓Tong Yuen/ Tangyuan(元宵yuanxiao)
(Glutinous rice balls with sesame fillings in sweet ginger soup)
Avalible on the night will be 'BITE ME', a publication put together by the artists, which contains intrsuctions on how to eat, how to assemble the foods provided, and a statement from the artists.
*It is advised that attendants wear comfortable clothing, as you will be sitting on the floor. You will be asked to remove your shoes at the door.