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Du 13/09/2017 19h00 au 26/09/2017 22h00

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Art Café-Egypt
10b road 11, Maadi
11511 Cairo
Puppetry Making Course
4 classes
Wednesdays 7:00-10:00pm
Dates: Sep 13th, 20th & 27th oct 4th

Teens & Adults
Arabic only
Minimum 3, maximum 10 students
Course Description
Puppetry is the art of making puppets.
In this course students learn all about marionette making, puppets, masks and shadow puppets.
The target group is schools, students, university students or people who have an interest in traditional puppets and marionettes.
The course duration is a total of one year. It is designed for students to master all elements of puppet making and performing. It consists of 4 levels, each a duration of 3 months and is structured for students to complete a certain target at each level.
Level 1. Students learn about all kinds of puppetry and its contents. They create simple samples of each kind of puppet.
Level 2. Is to learn the basics of puppetry movement on stage and video. You will take a sample of one of the puppet types and work on it in a more elaborate way.
Level 3. The student choose one of the types and master it. This will be covered by learning how to direct a theatre with the puppets
Level 4. In this level the students have all the know-how of puppetry and are ready to do their own project, which can be in group work or as individuals
In the first month participants are given four lectures to learn the different types of puppetry in theory and practice. Half of the lecture consists of learning about puppetry models and the second hour and a half is for the implementation of one kind of puppet, such as masks.
The first month will involve case studies of favourite shows (e.g. the muppets) and students will be able to improve their sketching skills. 2 different types of puppetry can be mastered in the first level.
Progression onto the next levels means you can explore more complex pupptry skills such as shadow puppets and black theatre.
Ahmed Bakr Taha Puppetry Artist
Ahmed graduated from the Academy of Arts in 1999, from the ballet choreographing and directing department. He learnt the art of puppetry at the hands of the artist Mahmoud Rahmi and participated with him in several television business and theatrical performances. The most well known were Boggi and Tamtam, Ozaza and Gargeer. In 2000 he designed a small puppetry show and attended many art festivals. He did some art workshops including digital expression camps and some workshops in the smart village. He has also participated in advertising campaigns such as Pepsi , Baklz and in the famous television program (Beit el Elia ) with Najwa Ibrahim.

Link to Mr Bakr's work
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