Rust Meetup #8

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mar. 15 août à 12:30/strike>


We're back to Roppongi Hills for Tokyo Rust Meetup #8! Big thanks to Mercari for generously offering a space for us at their office.

As usual, we'll do a short recap of recent events in the Rust world, as well as take a look at some exciting upcoming developments like non-lexical lifetimes. What's more, our own Lloyd will have a special talk on type level recursion. Stay tuned for further updates.

Do note that we have a limited number of seats available this time, so please RSVP as soon as possible!

Directions to Mercari:

1. After entering the Roppongi Hills (Mori Tower) office lobby, please ask for an entrance slip at the main reception desk. You will need to provide some form of photo ID to receive one. 
2. From the lobby area, make your way to the Upper Lobby elevator entrance.
3. Show your entrance slip to the security to access the elevators.
4. After this make your way to the 18th Floor by accessing an elevator in Hall B.
5. Once you reach 18th Floor, you will see sign boards for the Rust Meetup, please follow those.

NOTE: Please keep entrance slip with you, you will need it to exit the building.