The Shelter x Krunk present: Bok Bok (Night Slugs, UK) & More

jeu. 17/08/2017 de 21h00 à 0h00

Fuseau horaire : Kolkata (GMT+05:00)

Rohan Plaza, 5th Road, Khar West
400052 Mumbai
The Shelter and KRUNK are very proud to bring you the next offering in our series of shows - Bok Bok , the co-founder of the incendiary Night Slugs from the UK!
17.08 @ antiSOCIAL | Mumbai | Support - Oceantied + UP7T
About Bok Bok -
Bok Bok aka Alex Sushon is a London based DJ, producer and director of the incendiary Night Slugs record label. DJing since 2004, Sushon started to make his name on London's underground scene around the time Grime music was first emerging from the capitol's tower blocks. The unique inventiveness and raw energy of that music has remained with Sushon ever since those early days, as he discovered the wider world of club music, seeing many parallels between the homegrown music of London and House music from Chicago to South Africa, Techno, Baltimore/Jersey/Philly Club, 80s funk and a myriad other music styles across many eras.
This pan-genre, time-irreverent mentality was the foundation of the Night Slugs movement. In 2008 Sushon would join forces with like-minded producer and DJ L-Vis 1990 to form Night Slugs (NS), initially a club night in South London. From day 1 the ethos was fiercely open-minded and DIY, as Bok and L-Vis dedicated themselves to club music. Through the events series and their DJ sets around the UK and Europe, the duo cultivated a unique sound, cross-pollinating ideas from their various influences until a distinct community of producers crystallised around them. In 2010 Night Slugs re-launched as a record label. Since then NS has been a non-stop source of ambitious, cutting-edge music for the club, launching the careers of artists such as Mosca, Jam City and Girl Unit and providing a context-rich platform for like-minded producers such as Kingdom, Egyptrixx and Lil Silva. The label's sound may be diverse but it's FEEL is distinctive, injecting the crews diverse influences back into the UK soundsystem heritage that inspired Sushon way back in his early days as a Grime DJ and FWD>> raver.
In the process, Night Slugs has become a truly cult label, with a reputation for quality and innovation rivalled by few others and with a fan base as globally spread as Bok and L-Vis' inspirations. In May 2011, Bok Bok released the ‘Southside’ EP on Nightslugs. The EP featured 5 instrumental tracks, including the break out club track ‘Silo Pass’ and in October 2013 his productions featured on the mixtape ‘Cut 4 Me’ released by sister LA label Fade To Mind with vocalist Kelela. Bok Bok collaborated with Dutch producer Tom Trago on the Night Voyage Tool Kit EP released by Sound Pellegrino in 2011 and more recently the duo have founded the label Night Voyage to put out their collaborations. 'Get Me Want You Want' was released in Dec 2013 and the latest instalment 'Pussy Track / Silent G Safari' was released in January 2014. In May 2014 Bok Bok released his first solo material in 3 years in the form of the ‘Your Charizmatic Self’ EP. The lead single ‘Melba’s Call’ featured Kelela and a ground breaking video born out of Night Slugs unique aesthetic. He has toured extensively in the US, Australia, Asia and Europe – this year celebrating Night Slugs’ 6th Birthday with events in London, Paris, New York, Barcelona, LA and Tokyo.
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About Oceantied -
The past year has been abuzz with news from Oceantied, who has been steadily making a mark for himself both internationally as well as in India. From performing at the first Boiler Room session in India to playing at
two of the biggest European festivals, Outlook and Dimensions festivals, the solo electronic project started by Ketan Bahirat, Oceantied is a deep-dive into the artist’s sprawling soundscape.
Ranging from dark and frenetic, to upbeat and dancefloor - friendly, Oceantied’s palette of sounds spans the genre spectrum easily, with a generous helping of beats, funk and fat basslines to have audiences crawling the walls.
Oceantied has also shared the stage with the likes of AMIT, Sam Binga, Zed Bias and Lapalux, to name just a few bass legends, and has had the chance to give audi- ences in Czech Republic, Malta, Finland and Croatia a taste of his eclectic sets.
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About UP7T -
UP7T is the stage name of New Delhi based, Ayush Arora.
A start as a passionate dancer in his early years brought about
in him deep-seated instincts towards music
His sets revolve around different spectrums of bass music -
dubstep, grime, drum 'n' bass, footwork, garage and things in
Over the past couple of years, he has supported the likes of
Addison Groove, Goth Trad, Sarah Farina, The Last Skeptik,
Document One and more.
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