Ixalan Prerelease Midnight
A Muse N Games

sam. 23/09/2017 de 0h00 à 4h00

Fuseau horaire : Winnipeg (GMT-05:00)

A Muse N Games
1783 Portage Ave
R3J 0E8 Winnipeg
**This event only will have half hour deck construction time to keep from going to late in the morning***
Ixalan prerelease events will start promptly with deck construction at the listed start times. Early Bird registration $35 taxes in if you register before 10:00 pm Wednesday, September 20. Regular registration is $40 taxes in.
Each participating player will receive a special prerelease pack containing 6-packs of Ixalan, a spindown life counter, and promotional foil card! Two Ixalan booster packs per player will be placed into the prize pool. Any player who plays through all four rounds of swiss receive at least one Ixalan booster pack from the prize pool.
Further prizing information will be announced closer to the date of the Ixalan prerelease. You can preregister now in store or online via Eventbrite (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ixalan-prerelease-midnight-tickets-36731023480)
Source: www.facebook.com