The Weekly Clique #40- Ghent

Aujourd'hui, 17 août à 19:00

Bar des amis

The Clique Experience hosts a Weekly Clique whereby we give you the excellent opportunity to make an intimate connection with the most awesome people in the area of a city. We host a bar meetup to meet all kinds of people of all sorts of walks of life. It is the ideal opportunity if you are in business to network and receives a broad spectrum of connections that can improve your way of thinking. Maybe you are looking for a genuine and authentic connection to share a pint and a few stories with, The Weekly Clique got you covered on a weekly base.

This Week's Edition will be held in Les Bar Des Amis @ Ghent!.

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Our intimate gathering begins at 20:00 and will end around at 01:00.


The Lovely “Bar Des Amis” (pull out your best French accent) in the Beautiful city of Ghent. You can find the Bar Des Amis VLASMARKT 5, 9000 GENT.




Kelly's Pub has an incredible amount of variety to offer. Kelly will make sure that you have enough to drink and if needed something to eat as well.
Full drinks price list can be found here ►


✓ You can network and meet new people.
✓ Connect with your friend of tomorrow.
✓ Share your stories, ideas, and knowledge.
✓ Fun, drinks and interesting people.
✓ Drinks.
What do you need more?

⌘ WHO IS THIS EVENT FOR? Everyone is welcome! All people.
People from all walks of life, colors, and religions.
We are a very open community, and we're always glad to see new faces.



Are you confused about anything? Is there anything unclear? Do you have a Question that needs answering? Please, go ahead and ask ahead!
Either contact us through Facebook or give Sonny a call @ [masked]


Our mission is to make sure that you have the best experience possible. With this purpose in mind, we set a standard that every event MUST be better than the last. To make sure that this is happening, we put a great emphasis on the input we receive from you! There is nothing better for improvement than constructive feedback. If you have any comments or ideas, do not hesitate to share them with us.

We will be expecting you very Soon. Peace! ☯