Practical Income Tax Management Training
E7 Training

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lun. 14/08/2017 de 10h00 à 17h00/strike>

E7 Training
House #18(2nd floor), Road #2,Mohammadia Housing Society, Mohammadpur
1207 Dhaka
Content :
1. Salary Tax Assessment
2. Investment Tax Rebate
3. Investment Tax Allowance
4. Income Tax Return Form
5. Persons required to file return of Income
6. Place where return is to be submitted
7. Return by whom to be signed and verified
8. Documents to be accompanied by return
9. Time limit for submission of Return
10. Penalty & Imprisonment for non-submission of Return
11. Company Tax assessment
12. Appeal Procedure
13. Penal Measures
14. Tax Audit
15. Income from Business and Profession
16. Perquisites
17. Area of Withholding Tax
18. Reference sections and rules
19. Rate of deduction/Collection
20. Name of the deducting/collecting authorizes
21. Name of the Tax Zone and code where TDS to be deposited
22. Time frame within which TDS to be deposited
23. Consequences of failure to deduct/collect/deposit TDS
24. Submission of half yearly withholding Tax return
House no:18(2nd floor),Road -2,Mohmmadia housing society