LSA Rally Paper by the Park
AELEP - Association des Etudiants Libanais de l'école Polytechnique

dim. 03/09/2017 de 10h00 à 18h00

Fuseau horaire : Toronto (GMT-04:00)

Concordia University - Hall Building
1455, boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest
H3G 1M8 Montreal
Get ready for the biggest event of the summer and save the date for Sunday September 3rd.
The LSA Rally Paper is dedicated to test and evaluate each team on their knowledge of the city, athletic ability and logic. The Rally around the park will consist of four general stops around the Mont-Royal park; the first stop will be on the Reggie's terrace of the H building. At each stop, every team will be handed the same tasks/riddles that needs to be solved or accomplished to move on to the next step. For every non-solved task, each team will receive a time penalty that will be added to the finish line time.
What follows are all the rules and regulations to participate in this event.
- Teams consist of two members.
- For anyone with no teammate, contact us and we will find you a teamate with other participants.
- The only mean of transportation throughout the event will be on bikes/foot.
- Each participant will have to bring his/her bike; if you do not have a personal bike, our rally route is well coordinated with BIXI stations.
- All participants must follow and respect the laws of the city of Montreal while biking.
- If a team member is using a BIXI bicycle, a certain time will be reduced on the finish timing as compensation.
- Some tasks require research, however other tasks forbid the use of electronics, please follow the instructions of our volunteers on each stop.
- If any of the previous rules would be violated, we reserve the right to disqualify that team from the rally.

The rally has an estimated time of 6 to 7 hours, so we advise all participants to be ready for hydration and energy on the routes, however there will be refreshments on each of the four general stops.
There will be medals for the top three teams. The winning team will get two LSA, or Tollab event entry tickets of their choice, as well as valuable prizes.
The price for participation will be $30 per team ($15 per person).
As much as this event can be challenging, our main goal is to create a fun and enjoyable day for all participants.: )
All participants must be in front of the H building at 10 AM on Sunday Aug. 27th as the event will start between 10:30 and 11.
Spaces are VERY LIMITED, so call in fast before we announce that the event is full.
To reserve a spot please contact:
Mario Bou Raad: 514-706-7779,