Elektrøll (live)
La Galicienne

jeudi 24 de 20h00 à 22h00

Fuseau horaire : Zurich (GMT+02:00)

La Galicienne
Chemin du Viaduc 2
1008 Prilly
Elektrøll, the most Nordic music swiss band is proposing a frozen and sophisticated sound, cut in a sheer and glare ice.
Elektrøll artistic approach is to use quite innocent musical instruments, the guitar and the soprano saxophone, and to pervert their sound through numerical effects, looper and such, in order to obtain drones, loop, intrinsic rhythms, and remains of melodies.
Since the very beginning, the electroacoustic duo has performed on his own as well as in different configurations and collaborations with other artists : dancers, vj’s, painters, musicians, always in live performances making a wide place to spontaneous composition.
Påtrik Gåberellbørg : Soprano Sax, Fx, Loop, Glitch
Filip Mørten : Guitar, Fx, Loop, Noise
Source: www.facebook.com