Personal Finance & Investing with Joy Chan
Maastricht School of Management Romania

Du 20/10/2017 14h00 au 21/10/2017 16h00

Fuseau horaire : Bucharest (GMT+03:00)

Maastricht School of Management Romania
Dacia Bd, no. 99
20053 Bucharest
This course takes on a hands-on, practical approach to help participants become better managers of their own money and time, by making informed choices related to spending, saving, borrowing and investing. It will introduce participants to the steps of the financial planning decision-making process and offer tools to help identify and evaluate choices as well as understand the consequences of their decisions.
The course will also draw upon lessons learnt from the recent financial crisis and scandals to offer a refreshing approach on how we could re-strategize our existing investment plans.
The course will mirror the five steps of financial planning (offered by professional financial advisors) which will ensure that participants leave the course with their own ready-to-implement personal financial plans.
Cosmin Marinescu, MSM Student, Deputy General Manager at Tradeville: “I’ve been working in the finance industry for nine years, and have attended tens of finance courses by now. Two years ago, I had the opportunity to be invited to the Personal Finance course taught by Joy Chan at MSM premises. Well, by the end of that course I ended up paying for my EMBA tuition and trust me, an EMBA program was not on my top 5 priorities. It was that good. Joy Chan is an amazing teacher with focus on real life topics that can be put into practice the next day. I can guarantee that by the end of the course you’ll say: Wow! I was so dumb not to pay attention to this subject before but I can hardly wait to start the next morning!”
TUITION FEE: 350 eur.
DISCOUNTS: 5% for 2 people, 10% for 3 or more from the same company; 10% for MsM Romania students and alumni, NRCC and Erudio members.
EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: 5% by September 1st, 2017
For enrollments, please send us an email at, +40 758 818 158 or complete this form: