Project Hexagon // Exhibition Opening
Nathan Homestead

sam. 23/09/2017 de 13h00 à 16h00

Fuseau horaire : Auckland (GMT+12:00)

Nathan Homestead
70 Hill Road
2102 Auckland
New Zealand
Project Hexagon
Quilters Group Show
When: 23 September – 28 October
Where: Nathan Homestead Gallery
Opening: Saturday 23 September, 1pm
Nathan Homestead presents Project Hexagon, a quilting exhibition by over thirty contributors.
Patterns made up of hexagons - six sided shapes have had a revival inspiring quilt makers to expand the creative potential of colour, pattern and texture. Once stitched together these intricate and highly crafted quilts are gifted to both women’s refuge and the neo natal ward at Middlemore hospital.
Nathan Homestead has a long history of quilt making and warmly invites visitors to join ‘Project Hexagon’ in learning about quilt making through interactive hands on activities.