Pitch Perfect

Évènement indisponible.

Selon le cas, de nouvelles dates appraîtront bientôt ou l'activité proposée sera définitivement supprimée.

ven. 18/08/2017 de 17h00 à 18h30/strike>

House No. 205/6, 2nd Emmause Lane, Labone
Pitch Perfect is a class for #Entrepreneurs and start-ups to know how to confidently pitch their ideas to VCs and Angel Investors.
The students of this Pitch Perfect event will stand a chance of being selected into our monthly TGIF PitchZone competition to win the prize packages iSPACE has to offer.
Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/2y7zgvs5SdygWcef1
This event is slated to start on Friday, August 18, 2017, and every other Friday. The time is 5:00 PM. The rate is GHS 00.00 per month.
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