Hormone Yoga Workshop with Ineke Van Nieuwenhove
Sampoorna Yoga Studio

sam. 09/09/2017 de 9h30 à 17h00

Sampoorna Yoga Studio
Hopstraat 40 Rue du Houblon
1000 Brussels
Hormone Yoga Workshop
For women who want to balance their hormones

When: Saturday 9 September, 9:30am-5pm

Price: 90 euros

With: Ineke Van Nieuwenhove (unique opportunity to learn from Ineke who studied directly with Dinah Rodrigues!)

Hormones affect everything. Ever struggled with acne, dry skin, cramps, migraine, irritability, exhaustion, irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, cysts, weight gain, insomnia, infertility, low sex drive or food cravings and felt your body was completely irrational? It’s not. It’s hormonal.

Dinah Rodrigues (90 and still teaching!) developed a specific yoga set for women in (pre)menopause. Thirty years later she knows the set also helps with pms, low fertility, irregular cycles, libido, slow thyroid, burn-out etc. Because the set affects your entire endocrine system. So, Hormone Yoga is for women of all ages! The set consists of yoga poses using dynamic breath and visualization techniques. It balances the hormones and reactivates directly your glands: ovaries, thyroid, adrenals and pituitary, thus regulating your cycle, boosting your fertility and sex drive and diminishing menopause symptoms.

No yoga experience necessary!
More info: http://sampoornayogastudio.be/event-registration/
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