Whats up? Social innovation

mardi 22 de 14h00 à 17h00

Fuseau horaire : Stockholm (GMT+02:00)

Storm Malmö University
Citadellsvägen 7
211 18 Malmö
WHAT'S UP? Social innovation
There is a lot happening in the field of social innovation/sustainability initiatives in Malmö/Skåne this fall. More people and organizations than ever seems to have this focus.
The purpose of this seminar is to gather people and organizations - both seasoned veterans and those who have recently become involved. It’s an opportunity to share new ideas as well as check off well-established projects & processes. If you would like to discuss your current project or try out an idea for a new one - sign up!
For those who have not visited yet, it will also be an opportunity to get to know Storm, Malmö University’s new innovation hub. After the seminar there will be opportunities to chat over a glass of wine & some snacks.
The final program will be available about a week before the event.
Source: www.facebook.com