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Camera & Microphone Cairo - كاميرا و ميكروفون القاهرة

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‎Camera & Microphone Cairo - كاميرا و ميكروفون القاهرة‎
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Our motto BCTL (Bringing character to life!)by: Lilianne Max .
What will the students learn through this course?
*Drama techniques using activities, exercises and energizing icebreakers.
1- Communication:
Facial expression
Body expressions
Vocal expression
2- Pantomime:
Acting without speaking
Students will identify ways actors use gestures and movement to retell a story through pantomime.
B) Students will identify the elements of plot.
3- tableau:
Retelling stories with frozen pictures which will
A) Demonstrate skills in pantomime, tableau, and improvisation.
B) Demonstrate the ability to work cooperatively in presenting a tableau, an improvisation, or a pantomime
4- Dramatization:
How do I identify plot, setting, costumes and props and use these elements to perform a retelling of rhymes using pantomime and tableau. They will be able to show correct plot, sequence of events, setting, problem and solution.
About Lilianne Max:
Lilianne Max is a Drama teacher, theater director and actress. Lilianne directed more than 15 plays for children. Participated in many workshops for character building.
Lilianne taught the Drama British curriculum for (reception, foundation and primary) stages, she is also teaching the IB curriculum for the (PYP) stage.
She is a certified Drama teacher. She holds a BA of English language and literature. She studied theater literature, history and criticism.
Her Keys of strength:
1-Ability to critique and analyze a broad range of materials.
2-Ability to communicate ideas and theories.
3-Awareness of different theoretical schools and approaches to literary criticism.
4-Leading and participating in discussions.
5-Ability to work within a team to develop and present ideas.
6- Experience in teaching drama in the IB and British systems in the PYP, reception, foundation and G 1-2-3-4-5.
5-she is a theatre director and actress. She directed and acted many plays in schools and other Egyptian artistic institutions and also in summer and winter camps.
7- Lilianne is fond of teaching with new methods that suits the modern era and protects the identity.
Assistant: Hossam is a theater director and actor. He studied in the academy of arts (directing and acting department). He directed many plays in many corporate and individual occasions and mass-culture. He instructed many workshops for the ministry of culture ( Hanager center of arts and the house of theatre). Hossam works as a director in the special directors workshop that is related to the Mass-culture under the sponsorship of the ministry of culture......
Students’ level: Beginners
No of classes: 8/month
Class duration: 1 hour
Age : 8-15
Age: 16-25
Age: 25-35
Note: The course will be in English.
days : Tuesday - Saturday
Time : 5/6pm
price : 1600
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