Renew Yourself
Just Be Holistic Center

Du 17/07/2017 18h00 au 07/08/2017 19h00

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Just Be Holistic Center
102, Al Woushar street, Um Suqeim1
United Arab Emirates
Week one Monday 17th July
Calling the archetype of the snake meditation: Letting go of outdated and distressful patterns of behavior allows for the inner growth to move outward into the world. In this way we are similar to a snake in that as we grow bigger on the inside we must release all that is unhealthy so we make room to thrive. We will focus on the serpent in the direction of south, there will be drumming and the awakening bell sounds.
Week two Monday 24th July
Calling the archetype of the jaguar meditation: jaguar represents the Warrior as in this meditation we will take charge of our lives and set our boundaries. In the Amazon, the jaguar is at the top of the food chain with no enemies, a fearless creature. She can teach us about this fearlessness. Jaguar, represents transformation. She is called on when we need a protective guide with integrity and impeccability to guide us through a time or an experience of transformation. She represents dying to the old way and rebirth.
Week three Monday 31st July
Calling the archetype of the hummingbird: The Hummingbird archetype connects us to all our ancestors and their ancient wisdom and knowledge. We can learn to step outside time to remember our ancestors Sacred Wisdom.Hummingbird drinks from the sweet nectar of life and teaches us to see beauty every where, and how to use this to bring us freedom in our existence.Hummingbird assists us to accomplish the impossible just as Hummingbird itself is not built for flight yet it flies thousands of miles in its yearly migration! We learn to live life to the full.
Week four Monday 7th August
Calling the archetype of the Eagle: Eagle is the great archetype of the East, the place of the rising sun, the place of our own becoming. The Eagles principles are seeing from a higher perspective, and 'seeing' with the eyes of our hearts, with compassion, clarity and beauty. Eagle helps us to see beyond the the everyday 'battles' we face and perceive as such, so we no longer waste our time and energy on that which does not need it. Freeing us up, leaving us lighter and giving us more energy for meaningful tasks.
Eagle energy gives us wings to soar above the trivial, and our perceived daily struggles, up into the mountains where we are closer to Source.
From 6-7 pm / 80 AED
For booking and inquiries call 043415751 or 0566904222