Strange Comedy - Free Entry! - It's Snap's birthday!
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mer. 19/07/2017 de 19h30 à 22h30/strike>

Strange & Co.
89 Lichfield Street
8011 Christchurch
New Zealand
Strange Comedy!
Seats fill up fast so get in early!
Show starts at 8pm
Strange Comedy is one of Chch's premier open mic comedy nights! Come see the freshest talent giving it a go and some experienced pro's trying out some of their freshest material.
It will no doubt get a little strange, heck it'll even get a bit awkward at times, but you will be entertained! And what more could you ask for on a Wednesday night!?
Your fortnightly MC Snap presented by RuseWebsites returns for a special round of Strange's his birthday!!!
Look at this cheeky little fella, his life once held such potential. Early reviews of his life choices included things like “You could work in a box factory”, and, “Yeah I guess a two cent raise is easier than replacing you”. But look at him now! A whimsical pile of dreads, sex and rock ‘n’ roll, who once received the review “All I remember about Snap is that he has dreads and a floral jacket”.
Snap is many things to many people, but above all else he is an entertainer. Whether it’s breaking world records on 105.7 Pulzar FM, smashing out the laughs on stage, or just living life, this is a performer who will never stop entertaining. Snap’s look certainly appeals to the youth, but his trademark cheeky charm will win over even the most hardened Grey Power members.
"Snap is unique piece of work. He is a very funny man with a very silly name. 10/10 would Snap again." - Jordan Raskopoulos, The Axis of Awesome
“Genuinely lovely” - Nelson Fringe
“Leaves us roaring with laughter” - Art Murmurs
"Mr RuseWebsites is clearly a talented comic" - Theatreview
If you are keen to jump up and give it a go, flick us an email at