Angel Communication Class
Aurora North - Soulful Traveler

lundi 26 de 18h30 à 21h30

Fuseau horaire : Montreal (GMT-04:00)

Aurora North - Soulful Traveler
H2M 1R1 Montreal
This is a live and interactive mediumship and intuition development class, with a focus on angel communication.

No experience is necessary but all levels of experiences are welcome.


What I will teach and we will practice together:

We will learn about different Archangels and Angels:
* Guardian Angels
* Archangels:

Archangel Michael (Protection & Life Purpose), Archangel Raphael (Healing) , Archangel Gabriel (Communication & Channeling), Archangel Ariel (Nature & Animals), Archangel Metatron (Sacred Geometry & Higher Learning), Archangel Azrael (the Angel of Death), Archangel Raziel (Akashic Records & Past Lives), and many others.

What else you will learn and practice with this class:

* What the clairs are - the intuitive senses. Clairvoyance (seeing). Clairaudience (hearing). Clairsentience (feeling). Claircognizance (knowing). Clairalience (smelling). Clairgustance (tasting).
* Through live practice and exercises in our class, you will experience the different clairs, and discover which of the clairs manifest most strongly in your own mediumship gifts.
* How to get to know your own A Team - the Archangels and Angels ABOVE, who can help you with your daily life and spiritual path.
* How to get to know your own guardian angels and how they can help you with daily life.
* How the Archangels can help you to discover your own life purpose and the reason your soul came to this earth life.
* How to open a channel to give and receive messages from angels, in a safe and protected way.
* How to create an opening and closing prayer before and after any spiritual work.
* Methods to practice different mediumship techniques to help you advance in your spiritual path.
* How to use various divination tools with your mediumship:
tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, angel boards etc.
* How to analyze messages from angels to grasp their meaning.
* How to create your own unique spirit vocabulary when both giving and receiving messages from angels.
* Smudging and other energy clearing techniques.
* Chord cutting techniques
* How to create your own sacred space and unique spiritual practice, according to your own spiritual beliefs.
* Grounding techniques to help clear the mind and bring inner peace.
* Energy protection techniques to help you to stop absorbing other people’s energies
* Group meditation techniques to help you practice meditation on your own for your own insight and benefit.


Tools to Bring:

* Bring a pad of paper and something to write with, as will be writing down the messages we receive from spirit during the evening.

* A bottle of water is also a good idea, to keep hydrated.

* You are welcome to bring your own tarot or oracle decks but there will be many provided for our practice.


The location is a private home. You need to send me (Aurora North) a private message to get the exact address.

There is a maximum number of 7 spots available (including myself) so please register as soon as possible.


Structure of Our Angel Communication Class:

- Introduction of Instructor, with outline of class structure.

- Smudging with sage of each person to clear outside energies

- Introduction of each member of our small class.

- Opening prayer + energy protection

- Grounding guided meditation

- Group meditation and channeling. Connecting to angels and Archangels through different psychic mediumship techniques that I will share/teach the group. This will be accompanied by relaxing music that will help us to drift into a light trance. You will still be aware of your surrounding at all times.

- Small break half-way, to stretch our legs, have a bathroom break and chat.

- More Group meditation and channeling.

- Energy rinse guided meditation

- Closing prayer + class end


Angel Communication Class Contribution: $20.00 per person.

Method of payment 1: Interac E-Transfer $20 to

Method of payment 2: Cash $20 at the event


Please don't hesitate to post comments or email me, if you have any suggestions or questions!

Bright Blessings,
Aurora :)


About Aurora

Aurora North is a Psychic Medium, Paranormal Investigator and Happiness Coach with many years of experience with angel and spirit communication. She has mentored and coached many mediums in town and on the interwebs over the years.

Writing is her jam and she loves to blog about her adventures with both the spiritual and paranormal realms.

She hosts weekly mediumship and angel communication classes in town, and special monthly events such as her innovative Happiness Workshops, Tea and Tarot events, and her Healing Your Inner Artist with The Artist’s Way series on releasing your creative energies.

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