Evening Reiki Circle

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lun. 19/06/2017 de 19h45 à 21h00/strike>

Dorp Oost 14
2070 Zwijndrecht
Let's take time to rebalance, unwind and heal 💛
Reiki is a Japanese term for Universal Life Energy.
Life-energy flows through each and every being and in reiki we use our hands to lay them still or hoover them above our body.
Intuitively we do this already when for instance a child falls down or when you are experiencing a headache etc.
You use your hands to heal....
But they can carry so much more energy!
These circles are UNIQUE as you do NOT NEED ANY PREVIOUS experience with or training in Reiki.
You will be given a temporary attunement so WE will ALL RECEIVE and GIVE reiki 💕
These sessions are open to all,
whether you are a reikimaster and want to keep your reiki flowing
or a complete beginner ready to experience the feel of energy running through your hands and being for very first time
Feel free to bring your loved ones to share this energy with :)
destresses, rebalances, more peaceful, releases of blockages, more in tune with oneself, detoxing, deeper relaxation, clearing blockages, assists in healing of physical ailments, and manyyy more...
For more additional information, pls follow this link and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions!
Monday 19.45 - 21.00
Dorp Oost 14
2070 Zwijndrecht
* best to wear comfy clothing
* pls bring your yogamat
* drink plenty of water after the session to help detox your system
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