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lun. 19/06/2017 de 20h30 à 23h55/strike>

Level 2, N 3, N Block Market, Greater Kailash 1
110048 New Delhi
Sana Arora - vocals, guitar
Bhakti Kalidhar - vocals, guitar
Sana Arora is a 16 year-old singer and guitarist who was the President of the music society of her school. She started her musical journey with formal training in Indian classical music upto the level of Visharat part 2, and later got more inclined towards western music, which she has been learning for the past few years. Over the years, she has been a prominent member of the western music society, which has won several prizes for her school.
Bhakti Kalidhar, 16, finds peace in music. She has received training in western music for over a decade and currently co-leads her school’s music society as the Vice President. She is influenced by bands like Coldplay and has a strong interest in rock and pop. In addition to singing, Bhakti plays the guitar, keyboard and ukulele.
Shivi Deveshwar - vocals
Kaustabh Kakoty - guitar
Shivi Deveshwar is a Grade 8 (Trinity College London) vocalist who is gearing up for performances across the country. Shivi straddles various genres of Western vocal music - from rock, pop, opera, jazz, country and blues. She is the topper for solo singing at Thapar University Patiala and has been also picked by MTV for the campus Sargam programme.
Kaustabh Kakoty is a young guitarist-Trinity Rock and Pop Grade 5. He plays acoustic and Electric Guitar. He is interested in progressive metal, hard rock and pop music.
Crayonn is a fusion band formed in late 2016 covering western, Assamese and Indian music. The band is working on an album which should be out soon.
Muzaffer : Muzaffer is a singer songwriter based in New Delhi. He started playing classical guitar at the age of 11, initially took inspiration from old legends like Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton then got into new singers like Ed Sheeran, Passenger and John Mayer. He's more into Acoustic Pop, Blues and Jazz music.
Anurag Pather : Anurag Pather is a very talented singer, vocally trained by Sir Suresh Wadekar he's been playing guitar from over 15 years now and he learnt guitar all by himself. He sings unusual Assamese and Sufi Music.
Sarthak Tripathi : He's the guy for the beat section of the band, very young drummer and percussionist who influences from Neil Peart.
Amit Awasthi : Last but certainly not the least he's the backbone of the band, the reason of the band existing. All arrangements are done by him in the band.
He's singer and songwriter and had already received appreciation for his beautiful originals.
Depot Soundsessions is Depot's newest platform to showcase a diverse range of artists who show talent and creative potential. This initiative gives performers a chance to air their original work in a safe and supportive environment at one of India's foremost venues for independent artistic performance.
We encourage performances by all types of artists - musical, theatrical, visual and mixed-media - across all genres and styles. Depot Soundsessions is a reflection of our generation's artistic vibrancy and innovativeness, and Depot's commitment to bringing artists and audiences together.