Full Pint Comedy: The Perma-Float
Granville Island Brewing

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mar. 20/06/2017 de 21h00 à 23h00/strike>

Full Pint Comedy
1441 Cartwright Street
V6H 3R7 Vancouver
It has long been said, that in the pool of life, stand-up comedy is the floaty keeping you relaxed and easygoing. What are you gonna do, lay on a towel? Maybe if you feel like melting. Feel like swimming? Nah, that’s suspiciously close to exercise. You need a floaty. We are your floaty.

Full Pint Comedy is a seriously bitching floaty. Well-inflated, a place to rest your head, a drink holder that’s the perfect diameter for your beer, and in no way does it resemble a swan. Also, none of that is true, and technically this is just a really great comedy show at a brewery with chairs and tables and incredible small-batch brews on special all night. Who’s joining us this week? Thrilled you asked.

Simon King!

Charlie Demers!

Roman Mancini!

Kelsey Hamilton!

Ed Konyha!

Adam Ruby!

Oli Maughan!

Karl Sullivan!
Brett Forte!

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