Igra i plesna improvizacija
Butoh Delight

Du 19/06/2017 18h00 au 02/07/2017 21h00

Fuseau horaire : Belgrade (GMT+02:00)

Stanica / Station - service for contemporary dance
Kraljevića Marka 4
11000 Belgrade
Dance Improvisation training and exploration based on several technics inspired by Butoh (japonese expressionnist dance-theater).
I’m a body worker and creativ movement class & workshops facilitator in Paris (Canaldanse) & Berlin (Tatwerk) among many other places in Europe. My transmission refers to several performance masters in Body Weather and Improvisation like Lena Blou, Soto Hoffman, Boris Nieslony, Yuko Kaseki, Yumiko Yoshioka.
i’ll spend in Belgrade three weeks from 19th of june on and have my daily training at Magacin Studio.
If anyone is interrested to join for it’s body shape and fitness or educationnal in creativ movemnt, just write a mail to sidelaner01@gmail.com. I can dedicate either to individual or to collective group. Training might be provided in evening hours. From 6 PM to 9 PM in two slots.
Other schedule on demand.
Fee of one hour and a half : 400, - RSD.
Fee of three hours : 800, - RSD.
If interrest grows enough, let’s consider setting a performativ process together.
Any level (from beginners to advanced). Delivered in french, english, spanish.
Mindset to join is curiosity !
Vidimo se uskoro !
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